Who Designed Your Socks

The prints on our socks are designed by a variety of different artists, all with different backgrounds from all over the world! Who Designed Your Socks is a concept created to help you to learn more about the designer of your favourite pattern and what their inspiration was.



Olga has been creating art since her childhood and has studied painting all her life - from the simplest sketches to academic drawing and architectural projects. Techniques that Olga uses to create illustrations can be very different ranging from collages to watercolour or drawing with an ordinary pencil. The beauty of some objects can inspire Olga to draw more realistically, whereas some compositions may simply be an abstract reimagining.




Elvyra has been working as a successful freelance graphic designer for the last two years, although vector illustration has been a passion of hers for much longer. Elvyra believes that inspiration can be drawn from anything. Her main sources of inspiration are from Instagram and Pinterest, where she can take two ideas and make a completely new and fresh idea from them.




Margarita has been drawing her whole life. She has a higher education in architecture, but after graduation became an illustrator. Margarita enjoys a bohemian style of design and often draws inspiration from it in her work. She also makes dream catchers as a hobby, with the dreamcatcher in her design being one that she has made by hand.